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Press Release: Green Energy

Hamlin Meadows Introduces Geothermal and Energy Star Tier 3 Homes at its August 15th Grand Opening

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August 1, 2009 - Hamlin, NY -- Hamlin Meadows is a new senior 55 and over housing subdivision under development in the Town of Hamlin by Jim Beehler of Beehler Construction. “We are thrilled to be the first senior housing community offering  a ‘green’ solution to its residents and think they will be pleased with the savings they can realize from geothermal heating and cooling”, noted Jim Beehler.  A geothermal demonstration will take place at the Grand Opening on August 15th, starting with the ribbon cutting and street dedication at 10 a.m. 

Jim has collaborated with David Preston, President of WorldWide Energy and Communications to consider the merits of installing geothermal heating and cooling systems in his Energy Star Tier 3 homes.  On Monday July 6th a test well was drilled at the model home to determine the feasibility of using a geothermal heat pumping system rather than a traditional gas furnace and water heater. 

The goal, according to Jim, “is to stabilize energy costs, which will add value to the home.”  The model home was built to the Tier 3 standard of the Energy Star Program, the highest rating available, which offers several benefits:  The homes will be referred to as ‘green homes’ or homes constructed under the most stringent energy efficiency standards, which will help maintain the value of the home; also tax incentives are available meaning that buyers can deduct thousands of dollars from their federal tax bill.  Dave Preston added “our customers are going to see an immediate savings in their utility bill and the tax credit will help fund their investment.”            

Geothermal systems have recently been installed in The Brockport High School and the new Hilton-Parma Fire Hall.  They are the most efficient heating and cooling systems available, with heating efficiencies 50 to 70% higher than traditional alternatives and 20 to 40 % higher efficiencies than available air conditioners, according to the EPA. 

Jim Beehler is confident that once his customers understand they are making an investment that will help them save on their utility bill immediately; they will realize that the system pays for itself. “The owner will save money and add value to the resale price of the home,” he said.

Jim invites interested seniors to attend the Hamlin Meadows Grand Opening on Saturday, August 15th at 10 a.m.  Hamlin Meadows is located off Roosevelt Highway, a half mile east of Route 19. The model is open every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. For more information call (585) 392-1642.